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What's her shoe size? Is he a red or neon green flip flop kind-of-guy? Her birthday is today and all I have for her is a box of wine and a plug-in air freshener, what can I do?!?!? All are very good & legitimate questions that now have a comprehensive, catch-all response... THE HARI MARI VIRTUAL GIFT CARD.


Hari Mari Virtual Gift Cards are emailed to the purchasor immediately upon completion of checkout, providing instant, eleventh-hour gratification to givers & receivers. Forward our digital gift cards on to that special someone, or use our printer-friendly format to gift this foot-focused offering the old-fashioned No discounts or other offers may be applied toward Hari Mari gift cards.


Available in denominations large & small, this virtual postcard-sized package of greatness is a one-size-fits-all solution to all your last-minute gift-giving quandaries as HM Virtual Gift Cards are emailed immediately upon checkout completion. Feel the need, the need for speed!

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Gift Certificate Don't know what size she is?  Don't know what color he would prefer?  Don't have time to grab a last-minute gift?  Put your mind (and their feet) at ease with a Hari Mari gift card, good for a great pair of flip flops, a comfortable tee, or piece of Hari Mari gear...all available on
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