Our Flip-Flops

Made Responsibly

Reprocessed Rubber & Foam

Recyclable Rubber & Foam

Dedicated to making the best quality & most comfortable flip flop in a responsible way, Hari Mari's flip flops are constructed using high-grade recyclable rubber & foam, so they can enjoy a long life beyond the time spent on your feet.


Working with key international philanthropic partners like Soles4Souls, Hari Mari ensures flip flops are repurposed, when possible, getting sandals to people in-need of footwear around the world, before they are considered for recycling.

Key Partnerships
Zero Landfills

Zero Landfills

In an effort to keep used flip flops out of landfills & keep your feet in constant comfort, our Zero Landfill initiative allows customers to send us their used flip flops of any brand for repurposing & recycling, and receive 15% OFF a new pair of Hari Mari flip flops Learn more.

Flops Fighting Cancer

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