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Keeping Flops on Feet

Hari Mari's Zero Landfill Initiative

Each year, we estimate some tens of millions pairs of flip flops & sandals are produced for the US market alone.  A huge number by any stretch of the imagination, and one that left us checking our math several times over, wondering could that be right?  And, we think it is, and we also think this is a conservative estimate, at that.

From beach flops to hotel shower slippers to high-performance hiking sandals…Americans wear a lot of different types of open-toed footwear in a year’s time.  Some are made well & last.  Some aren’t & don’t, and a lot of what isn’t made well, more often than not, finds its way into our landfills at a fairly quick clip, and to add insult to injury, much of what’s thrown away is still wearable.

Last year, to help combat this growing trend, Hari Mari started its Zero Landfill initiative, where we asked people to send us their used flip flops & sandals of any brand or type that they were finished with, and Hari Mari would not only give each person who donated 15% off their next on-line purchase with us, but we’d also try to prolong the life of their footwear by giving to individuals who can still use them.

Through its Zero Landfill program and working in coordination with Soles4Souls, an incredible charitable organization helping to put shoes (and sandals) on the feet of individuals young & old in need of footwear around the world, over the last year, Hari Mari has donated over 6,000 pairs of flip flops & sandals to assist in their efforts, with footwear going to help children & families in Haiti and Honduras.

Albeit small, it’s an encouraging start to see rubber & plastic sandals kept from landfills and repurposed for a longer life cycle.  As we mark Earth Day today, we want to thank all of those who have participated in Hari Mari’s Zero Landfill initiative thus far, and hope to see that number grow year-to-year in the future.

For more info and to see how you can help keep flip flops & sandals out of our landfills, visit our Zero Landfill page here and donate your pair when you’re done with them.



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