Halloween in July

Weeks, months and sometimes years go into a battle with cancer. Much of this time is spent indoors in a hospital room, with untold numbers of pokes & prods, and physical strains that only those who’ve battled disease can fully grasp.

What we can all understand though, is that treatment for pediatric cancer can often times rob kids from time spent BEING kids, where games of tag, bike rides and sand castles are replaced with blood tests, IVs and medications that often render sick kids comparatively immobile.

Enter Camp Sanguinity, a one-week camp program organized by the incredible staff at Cook Children’s Medical Center, where kids in treatment are given free reign to the grounds of Camp John Marc, a 170-acre campground oasis, built & operated specifically to give sick children the opportunity to feel like a kid.

Ropes course? Check. Canoeing? Check. Archery? Check. Fishing? Check. Awesome? Double & triple check.

And, as fortune would have it, Hari Mari, along with the kind folks from Dallas-based retailer St. Bernard Sports, were lucky enough to get a chance to visit & meet the amazing kids attending Camp Sanguinity, and put a bunch of our flops on their feet.

And if Camp Sanguinity wasn’t already the bee’s knees, the fact that they make each day of the camp a themed holiday from the calendar year, makes it all the more incredible in our book. The day we visited….you guessed it, Halloween.

It was a costumed Hari Mari Flop Drop for sure, marking our July Flops Fighting Cancer push, where Hari Mari doubles its commitment, donating $6 from every pair purchased to support kids battling cancer.

BUT, more importantly, Camp Sanguinity really marks a one-week window where some truly brave kids are re-staking their claim to acting like kids again…and we couldn’t have been more honored to see them in action!

The proof’s in the pictures - see the complete album here

Flops Fighting Cancer.



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