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Everyday Explorers // Allison

Meet Allison!

Owner of Charleston Charmed 
Based in Charleston, SC


"One of my most used phrases is, "Let's go on an adventure!" Whether it's traveling through the pages of a novel, out to my backyard, or to another country, I love to explore and make the most of every minute of the day."

Allison is a Volunteer Coordinator at a local Charleston nonprofit treatment program for boys that have been abused and neglected. They provide services to help the boys heal and work to find them the safest environment to go back to, whether that's a foster family, adoption, or kinship care.

"I love the people I work with, the children we serve, and I am proud of the work we do everyday. I get to share all of that with our community through some pretty awesome volunteer opportunities!"

Allison started her Instagram in 2017 and blog in 2018 originally focusing on scenery around Charleston and local recommendations. The idea started because her husband works most weekends so it was a way to keep busy and a friend that had recently moved to the area looking for recommendations. She realized, "I had fallen into a routine and hadn't really been experiencing all that my city had to offer.I have always had a creative outlet (photography, painting, etc.) and had fallen out of it for a few years so this gave me a new creative outlet as well. As time passed, I started to share more of myself and it my page has turned into a myriad of the things I enjoy - I still love to share Charleston's charm and scenery, recommendations at home and on my travels, fashion, recipes, and other lifestyle topics! As far as my blog goes, it's another creative outlet! I always turn to blogs for recommendations on shows, podcasts, books, travel, EVERYTHING. I had a new audience that was turning to me for my opinion, so I just started to share my life with them."

In her free time you'd find Allison nose deep in a good book, jamming to a great Spotify playlist, exploring new foods, or planning international trips!

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"I have on my rose-colored glasses and try to choose positivity everyday! I love to joke around and am the same exact person you see on Instagram as I am in real life."


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