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Everyday Explorers // Amy

Meet Amy!

D1 University Volleyball and Sand Volleyball Coach and owner of @just.youraveragetraveler

Amy who owns more flip flops than shoes. “The thing I like the most about Hari Mari is their involvement in helping children with cancer through their program ‘Flops Fighting Cancer’. I love working with brands that give back to the community because living in New Orleans, community is very important to us. Since Hurricane Katrina we are still working hard to rebuild this city and our University biggest mission is volunteerism.”


To her #EverydayExploring means, “Just say YES!  Even before I saw the movie "Yes Man", I tried to live by saying "yes" more often than "no".  When you open yourself up to new ideas and try something new, you'll be surprised at the opportunities you will make for yourself.  Because I said yes, I was able to travel Europe with a volleyball agency, play beach volleyball in California, meet my husband in Louisiana, and start a new brand.  You cannot let fear get in the way of trying new things.  Just say Yes and see where it takes you!” Her hometown of New Orleans is such a lively city, rich in culture, music, and food.  Besides Mardi Gras, she’s able to attend festivals for everything...Jazz Fest, Gumbo, Strawberry, Mac-N-Cheese, Red Dress Run, anything you can think of, this city tries to throw a party for it.  There are endless ways to go #EverydayExploring in New Orleans.

Playing in beach tournaments has given her the opportunity to travel the US and get to see a lot of different states which is the reason she started to love traveling so much.  I LOVE to travel and I have a day job, so I like to look for the best possible deals. After helping a friend budget travel through Italy Just Your Average Traveler was born. She loves to find hidden gems and unique places when I am traveling.  On her Instagram and soon-to-be blog, she shares the places she’s have travelled to and tries to make your experience in a certain city, or country worth traveling to with nuggets of information, itineraries, tips, and some of her top recommendations, etc. COVID has put her Summer travel plans on hold, but she’s excited for a late summer road trip from Louisiana to Vegas with stops for  hiking in Arizona, visiting the hot springs and salt flats in Utah, and camping in Colorado.

When Amy is not coaching or traveling, you can find her playing beach volleyball or hanging out with her dogs, Bailey and Maisie, and cat, Schmidt. She also wants to remind you, “Don't be afraid to get lost when you travel. You'll find your most memorable moments are the ones you weren't expecting.”


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