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Hari Mari is an official partner with St. Jude!

As a committed partner, Hari Mari donates 1% of all sales to support kids battling cancer. Thanks to our loyal Hari Mari community, we're able to help pay for medicine, treatment and hospital costs.

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  • Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among children
  • Over 15,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year


Flops Fighting Cancer
Frequently Asked Questions about FFC:
Why does FFC benefit Pediatric Cancer?
Before founding Hari Mari, Jeremy & Lila Stewart had worked on projects with organizations related to children's causes. They knew they wanted to help children with their new Hari Mari mission, and were quickly drawn to pediatric cancer upon learning the fatality rates of the terrible disease. Today, Pediatric cancer is the single most fatal disease among American children. more fatal than all other childhood diseases combined.
What does FFC really look like in action?
Today, the FFC commitment is ever-growing, and we can't be more proud of how far it's come! Hari Mari started donating a percentage of sales from our very first flip flop collection in 2012, pointing the funds towards medical treatments and surgeries for kids battling cancer. Along the way, we've also held auctions, fundraising events and (our personal favorite) Flop Drops to support the community.
What is a 'Flop Drop?'
3+ times each year, Hari Mari works with our incredible network of partnering hospitals and clinics to hold 'Flop Drop' events at their facilities. While the pandemic changed the look and feel of these events quite a bit, we've found creative ways to persevere the mission. Our goal is to bring a smile to these courageous kids and families with games, music, crafts, and (of course) flip flops!Each Flop Drop is incredibly special to our staff and community, reminding us how lucky we are to play such a small role in the collective fight.

The Real Heroes... of course, are the brave kids tackling cancer head on. The incredible doctors, nurses and facilities serving these families day-in and day-out keep us ever-striving to grow our FFC program. We are in awe of their spirit, courage, and actions. They're an inspiration to us all.