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Hari Mari Presents

Hari Mari x Nokona

Partnering with the world's leading maker of premium baseball gloves, Hari Mari is beyond pleased to introduce the Hari Mari x Nokona collaboration.

Established in 1934 in Nocona, Texas and worn by iconic major leaguers like Nolan Ryan, Nokona ball gloves are renowned for their soft-to-the-touch feel & ageless durability, often making them a priceless gift passed between generations.


Marrying Nokona's rich, full-grain American leather with Hari Mari's comfort & quality driven flip flops, the Hari Mari x Nokona collaboration is not only a nod to baseball and sandal enthusiasts, but to fans of great products.

Available in three classic leather options, and including design & construction details like Nokona's iconic chief head logo and Hari Mari's Memory Foam Toe™, the Hari Mari x Nokona flip flops are as easy on the eyes as they are on your feet.

And, just like a seasoned leather glove, the Hari Mari x Nokona flip flops only gets better with age!