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Thunderbird Rollers | Aqua

$401.21 Regular price
Core Features
  • All the freedom of a flip flop, with the speed of a roller skate

  • Completely safe and definitely not dangerous in any way

  • Vintage vibes for maximum TikTok potential

  • MemoryFoamToe™ Post eliminates break-in period for instant comfort

  • 100% rubber, state-of-the-art stopper system for speed control


We've upgraded our classic flip flops with a pair of high-speed rollers to keep your adventures on the move. Now you can feel the wind AND sun on your toes as you skate. These Thunderbird Rollers are the future of skating. Slip on a pair and feel the difference immediately.

Shipping & Returns

Free shipping on orders over $70. This item is Final Sale only. Also, Hari Mari is not to be held responsible for any injury, embarrassment, scrapes, bumps, or bruises that result from skate wear.

Care Guide

All Hari Mari products are carefully crafted from premium materials. Although our footwear is built to last, it is NOT dish-washer, washing-machine, or microwave-safe.
Be nice to your footwear & it’ll be nice to you. We promise!

  • Do: spot clean with a damp rag and allow to dry indoors, away from direct sunlight

  • Don't: use harsh chemicals, get untreated weather wet, let Fido snack on your favorite pair