The Making of Hari Mari Hills

Prepping for the opening of Hari Mari Headquarters' new storefront near Deep Ellum, it was time to inject some color & pop into the all white walls of our shopping environment, so we called in the big gun(s) to help do just that.

Enter Kyle Steed, the incredibly tall, and even more incredibly talented, Dallas artist whose murals dot the walls and windows of Metroplex businesses and public spaces, breathing life into each of the blank canvases he takes a brush to.

With two-days until the opening of our shop, eight cans of paint, a few wonder brushes, and some art direction from his young protégé and daughter, Savannah, Kyle went to work and we were lucky enough to sit in on it. Pulling inspiration from a recent hill-heavy trip to the West Coast, Kyle infused his artistry and eye for color with our own blank canvas, and the result is "Hari Mari Hills."

Hari Mari Headquarters & Showroom is open Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM. 208 South Haskell Avenue, Dallas, TX 75226.

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