The Hari Mari Difference

Since launching in 2012, Hari Mari has held a fanatical commitment to creating footwear & accessories with premium materials and top-notch construction, so they feel great from your first test drive onward.

We love when Hari Mari can play a small part in our customers’ adventures. Taking them from place to place under foot, and creating lasting memories along the way.

And, our hope is no matter where they are, when they slip on our footwear, they’re always reminded ofthose happy places & times!


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The Hari Mari Story

The idea for Hari Mari was born out of our time spent living in Indonesia, where we were consistently disappointed with our flip flops. Any time we searched for a new pair, all we could find were black & brown color options. And, when we started wearing a new pair, we loathed the uncomfortable break-in periods...we called it ‘the war on your toes.’ There had to be a better option in the market, but nothing ever materialized.

So, when we moved back to the States, we started thinking ‘maybe we can provide that option,’ so we doubled down on our unhealthy obsession with fixing these issues. After nearly two years of research & development, and creating what we humbly believe to be the most comfortable sandal out there, we launched Hari Mari, combining lots of color and a ton of comfort in a premium flip flop we hope others will enjoy too.

Jeremy & Lila Stewart

Founders, Hari Mari

Flops Fighting Cancer

Cancer is the most common fatal disease among children, a sobering statistic that unfortunately holds true in many of the world’s countries, including the U.S., where childhood cancer is more deadly than cystic fibrosis, pediatric AIDS and diabetes, combined.

Hari Mari proudly supports children & families battling pediatric cancer, donating to pediatric oncology centers to supplement medical bills & costs for patients in treatment.


Freedom Flops

Freedom Flops came about after a family member of an amputee veteran, Corporal Jacob Schick, asked us if we could make flip flops for prosthetic legs. The Freedom Flops Program now provides flip flops designed specifically for prosthetics. It’s the least we can do to supply a little bit of this everyday-freedom feeling to those who have given so much for our greater Freedom.