Holiday Gift Guide // Gifts for HER

The holidays are just a few weeks away and let's face it, she's probably already purchased all of the gifts you asked for, on top of all the gifts she wanted to get you in the first place, plus several back-up presents...just in case.

Yes, she has put you to shame once again with her holiday foresight, planning & thoughtfulness...but let's be honest, none of that's really your strong suit anyway.

That's right, it's not over yet...not by a long shot. There's still time to get back in the game. After all, it's not how you start the race...Ok ok ok, you get the point, and it's not that we exercise poor judgement in use of sports clichés here at Hari Mari, because we definitely do.

Let your fingers do the walking with our below 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Her, and win the holidays today, along with her unconditional adoration & gift-receiving awe, of course!

Happy Holidays!


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