Nica Field(s) Test

Nica Field(s) Test

We recently put our latest & greatest ‘Fields’ line through the wringer… and through their paces (pun totally intended). In short, the Fields line lived up to their all-adventure reputation during a Central American travel-test to the Republic of Nicaragua, aka ‘The Land of Lakes & Volcanoes.’

A staggeringly beautiful & majestic country, perhaps best known to most Americans from the Iran-contra scandal, Nicaragua is slowly emerging as an idyllic vacation spot—often being called, "The Next Costa Rica." With scores of lakes & lagoons, plus a chain of 50 volcanoes (7 currently active) that runs along the country's Pacific side, Nicaragua is a land of extraordinary natural beauty, bio- & geo-diversity… all while making for a fertile flip-flop stress-testing terrain for exploration.

From the colonial (and capital city) of Granada, to the heart of handicrafts in the Masaya markets, to Ometepe Island—formed by two volcanoes rising from Lake Nicaragua, to Ojo de Agua—a natural spring-fed pool, to Laguna de Apoyo—a swimmable fresh water volcanic crater lake, to the pristine beaches of San Juan del Sur and its waves that beckon surfers the world over, we put these bad boys to the test. Needless to say, they passed—with flying color(s) & comfort.

Hari Mari — Nica Fields Test 1Nica Fields Test 2aHari Mari — Nica Fields Test 2bHari Mari — Nica Fields Test 3Hari Mari — Nica Fields Test 4Hari Mari — Nica Fields Test 5Hari Mari — Nica Fields Test 6Hari Mari — Nica Fields Test 7Hari Mari — Nica Fields Test 8Hari Mari — Nica Fields Test 9Hari Mari — Nica Fields Test 10Hari Mari — Nica Fields Test 11Hari Mari — Nica Fields Test 12Hari Mari — Nica Fields Test 13

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  • Non-marking, boat safe outsole made from 100% carbon-free rubber
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