The Fleece That May Change Your Life

The Fleece That May Change Your Life
Admittedly, that's a ridiculous, click-baity lede for the the launch of Hari Mari's new ' Sun & Sea' PowderFleece, but it does accurately convey our high (and well-deserved) opinion of how unique Hari Mari's new fleece line is, and how our customers will react to test-driving one for the first time.
It's not hyperbole. You WILL fall in love with the feel of Hari Mari's PowderFleece. Its poly-cotton fabric is super lightweight, but warm & breathable. It has all of the benefits of a heavy-weight sweatshirt, but without the 'heavy.' The feel of the inner layer is like nothing your skin has touched before. It's a warm cloud that envelopes your body, but without the muginess. Translation, you will wear this PowderFleece ALL THE TIME!
To that end, like my snobbish wine friends say after they sniff about a new pour, 'it's approachable & unassuming' - I'm still not sure what that means for wine, but for the new PowderFleece new fleece, it means you can wear it whenever & wherever you like, and it will not only adapt to will be your partner in crime. It will be your best friend as you binge watch your favorite crime drama this winter. It will be your wingman on that ambitious weekend mountain hike. And, it will be cheering you on over lunch with friends afterwards as you properly replace your caloric bank with the help of a few cocktails.
Simply put - the 'Sun & Sea' PowderFleece feels good. It looks good. It smells good. And, all of those things add up to a big win for the wearer.
Give one a test drive. It's an addictive experience. It won't change your life, but we certainly hope it will alter it a bit!
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