The Flop Crew // Nicole

The Flop Crew // Nicole

WFH is still the norm and our team is still crushing it!

Let's meet Nicole!

Account Executive of the Southeast territory



What do you like most about your role at Hari Mari? 
I love my job. I thrive on the constant interaction with current and new clients. Getting on the road to seek out new business opportunities is really stimulating for me.  I’m able to connect with my accounts on a professional and personal level, build their relationship with our company, and that is very rewarding.

What is your favorite thing about Hari Mari as a company/brand?
I love our brands ethos. There are so many positives about working with an awesome group of hardworking individuals who come together to create a product that puts a smile on our customer's faces.  The fact that we give back 1% of all of our sales to help fight pediatric cancer and make the most comfortable footwear around is awesome.

What does #EverydayExploring mean to you?
Everyday Exploring to me, means always being ready for an adventure and thriving to learn about our world, even if it's something that's in your own backyard.  Constantly in awe of this life that we are given and pushing ourselves to seek out new knowledge

Favorite Hari Mari footwear or gear style & why? 
My women's Nokonas. They are actually the most comfortable item of footwear that I own, literally broke in so easily, and now feel like clouds on my feet.

What are your hobbies outside of work?
I absolutely love to travel. Hence why my job profession is the perfect fit for me. When I am home, I get out to see live music about once a week. Very into yoga, reading, painting- any creative outlet that can help me grow internally and externally.

If your TV or laptop was broken and you could only play one movie on repeat until Shelter In Place ends, what would it be?
The Other Guys, classic. That or The Princess Bride. Haven't decided yet.

Go-to Quarantine & Chill snack to go with that movie?
If there were no repercussions to unhealthy eating, I would have a fat stack on Twizzlers along with heath bars on constant rotation next to my couch.

If you were entering a stadium full of people awaiting your arrival, and you could only choose one song to serve as your ‘walk-in music’, what would it be?
This is a hard one. Honestly, not sure you could go wrong with Kid Rock’s Classic Hit,  Cowboy. Envisioning this now…

Has the #QuarantineLife ignited any new past times other than puzzles or staring out windows?
It's actually been really refreshing to work from home. I've been walking about 4 miles a day- morning and after work. I get the time at night to work on my paintings and don't feel rushed. Been doing a lot of Instagram livestream dances and Facetimes with friends- it's been a great way to re-connect with the people I love.

If you weren’t #SocialDistancing at the moment and if COVID-19 was no longer present, and you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go & why?
Right now, I would head to Australia. That's my next trip, once travel bans are lifted and it is safe to go again.

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