The Hamels Foundation

If you thought winning a World Series, being named World Series MVP & four-time all-star, and racking up over two-thousand strike outs were the limit of Cole Hamels' accolades, think again. Since 2009, Cole & his wife Heidi, have championed childhood educational programs & causes both in the U.S. and abroad through The Hamels Foundation, their non-profit organization.

The roots of education run deep with both Cole & Heidi. Cole's dad was an educational superintendent in Cole's home town of San Diego, and Heidi was a teacher in Springfield, Missouri, so education holds special meaning to them personally, prompting them to do more than watch from the sidelines, but to get involved.

At it's core, The Hamels Foundation focuses on improving the lives of thousands of children by providing assistance to community schools across the U.S., as well as education-based programs & initiatives to improve the lives of school-aged kids.

And while most All-Star athletes would be content on just trying to improve education domestically, Cole & Heidi's passions extend much further into Malawi, Africa - a point of focus for the couple and The Foundation in light of the over one-million orphans living in Malawi, most without access to meaningful education.

Today, after 8 years of work and determination, The Hamels Foundation's progress in Malawi is exemplified by the Namunda Primary School - an educational outpost in the Mulanje District of Malawi constructed and supported by The Foundation. The school not only provides children with the most basic needs of food and shelter, but it also provides them with core building blocks of education, including HIV/AIDS awareness.
Once completed, the school will have more than 650 students in attendance and construction is continues to add more space, growing the student age range to grades first through eighth, and introducing hundreds more into the program.

Needless to say, the Hamels family and The Hamels Foundation are making their mark far beyond the chalked lines of the baseball field, creating positive imprints and boundless opportunity for the future of thousands of children, the world around.
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