Holiday Flop Drop

Hari Mari brought a mountain of flip flops to give away at its latest Flop Drop at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth this past week. The treatment facility - one of the most advanced in the word for helping children battle & beat cancer - saw a few hundred patients, family members and caregivers come out for its annual holiday celebration, and Hari Mari was fortunate enough to participate.

It doesn't take much to see how a party, complete with Santa and large, flip-flop-wearing elves, provides a brief break from the rigors of treatment for some kids. And, for the kids, it probably doesn't take much to see how in awe Santa, the elves and the great support staff at Cook Children's are of them, as they continue to brave treatment toward remission.

A very big nod of appreciation to superstar retailer TYLER'S for lending a much-needed helping hand at the Flop Drop, and a warm 'thank you' to Cook Children's, the kids and their families for allowing us to participate in this past week's celebration of the holidays, and much much more.

Photography kindly provided by Tressavent Photography (Love Capture Give®) - a fusion of photography & philanthropy helping to bring awareness to causes & charities and their stories through donated photography sessions.

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