3 Signs You're Wearing The Wrong Flip Flops

3 Signs You're Wearing The Wrong Flip Flops

It's no secret. Most flip flop brands out there miss the mark. From seemingly endless 'break-in' periods and less-than-quality materials to ugly designs and zero comfort, it's no wonder flops get a bad wrap.

Until now.

We're flipping the script in the flip flop space and want the world to know there's a new brand (hint, it's us) breaking all the rules and producing the most comfortable, best looking, highest quality flip flops and footwear out there. 

Here are 3 signs you're wearing the wrong flip flops . . .

Hari Mari x Peter Millar Cognac Woven Flops ECU

Wrong Flip Flop Sign 1) 

You have to break them in. All-day comfort shouldn't have to be earned, it should be immediate. We believe that new flip flops should provide the welcome relief your feet deserve the minute you first put them on. No more blisters or strap abrasions. That's just wrong. So we have built flops that combine several layers of the best soft-squeeze foam cushioning with ample memory foam in the straps to provide day one, even minute one 'ahhhhhhs'. Don't forget our patented MemoryFoamToe™ Post. The only seamless fully cushioned toe post in the flip flop game. 


Wrong Flip Flop Sign 2) 

No arch support. Have you ever worn basic flops with no support in the arches? We all have, at one time or another, and the result after an hour or so is unbearable pain in the feet. No one wants this. We call it flat flop foot syndrome. Now there's an alternative! EVERY pair of Hari Mari (adult) flops is equipped with 10mm (or more) of firm arch support that provides support in the midst of super squishy cushioning. So say bye-bye to flat flop syndrome and say hello to all-day comfort!


Wrong Flip Flop Sign 3)

They Don't Last. Blew out your flip flop? Are your straps fraying? Did your outsole fall off? Colors transfer to your feet? These are all signs that you're wearing the wrong flops. Premium materials and construction solve all the woes of lesser quality flip flops. So look for premium materials, and flops that look great for a long time. Like they always say, you get what you pay for. 

Color. Comfort. Hari Mari



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