Say Goodbye To Bland


Bland seems to happen when dark storm clouds of mediocrity, monotony & disappointment decide to conveniently huddle over your favorite loves & indulgences and rain epic failure on them with sense-numbing force.

And it makes quick work of it too, washing away and dispensing with any feelings of anticipation, joy & excitement derived from these things we usually drool over, often leaving its calling card as a taunting reminder.  It simply reads “Blah!”

The result?  A tasteless burger advertised as the best in town, a forgettable live performance by your favorite band, a flat beer in a frosted mug, a straight-to-DVD nod for the new film you’ve been waiting to see…each an atrocity in its own right.

And that’s largely how Hari Mari got its humble start.

Born out of a futile search for signs of color & comfort in a sea of decidedly uncomfortable black & brown flip flops, Hari Mari became less of a new brand idea and more of a mission to create flip flops as unique as the people who wear them.

We figured we couldn’t be the only ones interested in different-looking & better-feeling flip flops who weren’t able to find them, so the lab coats (read, flip flops) went on and we set to work, testing new designs, materials & color combinations.

Two years later, Hari Mari’s Parks launch line, boasts white hemp foot beds, brightly-colored two-sided straps, memory foam-lined toe posts, firm arch supports and soft-squeeze mid-soles.  A crisp, clean & colorful look, reinforced with a lot of comfort.


If that wasn’t enough on its own, also mix in equal parts of eco-responsibility and assisting kids-in-need with pediatric cancer, and our little flip flop company is on its way toward helping out more than feet alone as it rolls out this spring.

And while Hari Mari hasn’t yet succeeded in disappointment-proofing our favorite foods, films and music, our choice of flip flops will never again be limited to uncomfortable browns & blacks, so say goodbye to bland and hello to Hari Mari.

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