Who said white isn't easy to clean?

At Hari Mari, we’ve found feet to be pretty useful.  They keep you grounded, help propel you around a bit, provide an alternative set of digits in a pinch, and they really tie the overall room together, so to speak.

But, it’s not all fun & games being a foot, and there are certain occupational & warm-weather hazards that come along with the position, even if well protected in a soft, pillow-y, yet durable, Hari Mari flip flop, for example.

There are puddles of mud that irritatingly jump in your way, spilt purple slushees that fall from above, errant streams of mustard, ketchup & BBQ sauce that home in on your low position like SCUD missiles.  Grass stains, dirt, grime, bacon grease (yes, I said it) – all natural enemies of the foot come spring & summer time.

And like any good friend & companion, while protective & unbelievably comforting (did I mention that already?), if your Hari Maris can’t shield your friends down below from all of these natural disasters, at least they’ll endure the hardships alongside them.  

Unfortunately, serving your feet in the line of duty, means your nice white hemp foot beds may sometimes not look so nice (like your feet).  Here’s the good news, Hari Mari’s hemp is pretty resilient and with a little maintenance & TLC, they come clean (like your foot).

So, here’s the extensive instruction manual for cleaning your Hari Mari flip flops, and unless you’ve gone all Jackson Pollack on them, your white hemp foot beds should largely return to their original, clean selves:

  1. Spray or douse your Hari Mari hemp with warm water
  2. Rub with soap & cloth
  3. Add some stain remover (if you like) for good measure
  4. Rinse in warm water
  5. Allow to dry in a sunny place

Who said white isn’t easy to clean?
Hari Mari

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