Size Matters

Size Matters

You've found the Perfect Pair, Now Find Your Perfect Fit

Have you ever ordered two sizes of shoes to try-on ready to go through the hassle of returning one, because you just can't tell which size would fit best? Or you've taken a wild guess and it turned out wrong so you had to exchange them. We've seen it happen more than a few times.  

With the Hari Mari Perfect Fit Guide, you can be confident from the get-go. This guide shows you the length of each specific style down to the centimeter. If tape measures aren't your forte, there's a to-scale printable guide! You can find each style's fit guide next to the size selection buttons. Be sure to double check your size before you check out! Print from home and place your foot over the shoe size  trace to see which size works for you.


Your feet are ready to take you on new adventures, so don't make them wait longer with returns or exchanges ever again...get your perfect fit the first time! 

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