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So, one thing about working for a flip flop company is you see A LOT of feet in a year’s time.  Short feet, long feet.  Big toes, small toes.  Huge arch, no arch.  Wider than wide, thinner than thin.  You get the picture…and we haven’t even scratched the surface of foot hair, which is another, unrelated topic altogether.

Along with gratuitous foot exposure, you also hear tales of flop blow outs, a showing of battle scars from breaking in other brands of flip flops (shameless plug alert: see Hari Mari blog archives on memory foam toe posts & incomparable comfort) and the inevitable story of an ill-fitting pair of flops purchased on impulse while vacationing.

Point being, we see a lot of unique feet & hear a lot about how that uniqueness affects people & their flip flop experience.  Since every foot is different, it means every flip flop, no matter the size, is going to fit each individual differently.  And, while it’s easy to ensure a good fit by trying on a few pairs & sizes in stores, it’s INFINITELY more difficult to judge a good fit when purchasing on-line.

Not one to sit back & watch a good problem go unsolved, Hari Mari’s brain trust (foot trust) came together to solve the problem.  The answer….


That’s right.  With our on-line FITTING GUIDE you can print out to-scale outlines of your desired size or sizes of Hari Mari flip flops and match to your feet, ensuring you’re getting the right fit & size when purchasing a pair of our comfy, colorful flops.

It’s all part of getting a great pair of flops that keep your uniquely-created feet feeling (and looking) like a million bucks...all for the price of $60.  So, fire up your printer, limber up your mouse finger and join our flip flop revolution.

Hari Mari.  Simple.  Color.  Comfort.

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