Want to Catch a Flight Without Catching COVID?

Want to Catch a Flight Without Catching COVID?

2020 has been a wild ride and most of us are ready to go #EverydayExploring further than a road trip can take us. We’ve rounded up what a few major airlines are doing to help protect you on your next trip.


Southwest Airlines


Southwest Airlines has increased their cleaning measures to use hospital-grade disinfectant on surfaces throughout the entire cabin of the plane. Southwest planes are equipped with HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters that filter out 99.97% airborne particles and in-flight air circulation system that result in a complete exchange of cabin air every 2-3 minutes with outside air.  Every month the planes are sprayed with an antimicrobial treatment on all surfaces. Southwest is limiting the amount of passengers on board to ensure the middle seat is empty through Halloween and limiting the boarding groups to 10 people. All passengers and crew members are required to wear a face covering during their travel.


American Airlines


American airlines has also increased the use of an EPA-approved and hospital grade disinfectant and focuses on deep cleaning the high-touch and public areas. Their flights are equipped with HEPA filters that refresh the air every 2-4 minutes. They’ve added hand sanitizer in key locations and lounges and plexiglass shields at services desks. They’ve added touchless check in kiosks for select travelers. All travelers and crew are required to wear a face covering.


Delta Airlines


Delta Airlines has partnered with Lysol to help create their clean experience and they’ve published their cleaning list. They are committed to continuous cleaning and spraying in cabin and in boarding areas. The planes are also equipped with the hospital grade HEPA filters that extract air particles and filter with outside air. The middle seats are blocked through September 30th and they’re committed to boarding back to front to help reduce the time you pass by other passengers. They are also making sure that in light of less passengers on board, they're monitoring high demand routes to ensure they are upsizing aircrafts or adding more flights. Check out their Delta CareStandard.


United Airlines

United Airlines has implemented temperature checks for flight crew and employees prior to all flights. They’re encouraging the use of their app for contactless travel assistance. At their gates you’ll find hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes and you can self-scan your boarding pass. Fewer passengers can board at a time, planes are boarded back to front, and all passengers and crew are required to wear a face mask. The planes are also equipped with state-of-the-art HEPA filtering systems for circulation and particle removal and they’ve partnered with Clorox and the Cleveland Clinic to create their sanitation protocols. Flight attendants are helping passengers de-plane five rows at a time to help reduce crowding. Learn more about their CleanPlus program 

Many airlines are offering great deals and loyalty program perks if you're in the market for a lane ticket.

Airports and airlines are working hard to implement procedures to keep you safe during travel. Social distancing is taken seriously, masks are suggested and/or mandated, and new cleaning measures are being executed. Even with all of the precautions, you may not be ready to go #EverydayExploring the air...and that’s okay! Road trips require no air time at all. 

So, if you are ready to fly or you’re ready to road trip...the only question is Where to Next?

All airline procedures featured here are as of July 30th, 2020 and directly from respective airline websites.  
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