Cook Children's Flop Drop // July 2020

Cook Children's Flop Drop // July 2020

Before Hari Mari, Founders Jeremy & Lila worked on projects & with organizations related to children's causes. When they started Hari Mari, they knew they wanted to help children and were quickly drawn to pediatric cancer - the single most fatal disease among American children, more fatal than all other childhood diseases combined.

Hari Mari wanted to help, and Flops Fighting Cancer was born. We started donating a percentage of sales for Flops Fighting Cancer from our very first flip flop purchase in 2012 to help pay for medical treatments and surgeries for kids battling cancer.

Along the way, we've also held auctions, fundraising events, and our personal favorite... Flop Drops!

This Summer's Flop Drop was a bit different than those in the past. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our team was unable to interact with any of the children or healthcare heroes at Cook Children's Hospital. In fact, we didn't even get through the doors of the hospital. But, this didn't stop us! We still boxed up over 200 pairs of flip flops and gave them to the team at Cook Children's Health Foundation. 

"At this point we have distributed about 115 pairs!  We distributed the pairs two ways.  First, at our Camper Box pick up.  Our Oncology patients that normally attend Camp Sanguinity, drove through and picked up camper boxes to participate along with our Happy Camper At Home activities.  This program brought camp to our patients in a virtual format.  We also distributed the flip flops to our Hematology/Oncology floor, infusion and clinic areas." -Cook Children's Health Foundation Representative 

Flops Fighting Cancer helps children like sweet John, here. He's only two-years-old, but fighting Cancer like a big boy! Our hearts go out to these strong kids fighting for their lives everyday.

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