Flops Fighting Cancer // Camp Sanguinity

Flops Fighting Cancer // Camp Sanguinity

Standing on a stretch of 170 acres in Bosque County, Texas, rests Camp Sanguinity, a beacon of hope and normalcy for children, teens and families batting the presence of pediatric cancer.

Camp Sanguinity partners with Dallas-Fort Worth based pediatric hospitals, volunteers and health organizations to host specialized camps serving campers living with various medical and physical challenges. Each session is created to serve kids battling common obstacles, providing them with the community needed to preserve through their medical battles.

These fighters bid farewell to their ports, IVs and hospital rooms to then open their arms to the beauty of nature, camp games and camaraderie.

Camp Sanguinity has blossomed from a camp of 500 fighters in 1991, to now housing over 3,000 kids over the course of the year. Their growth over the past 25 years has allowed them to help these kids remember what it truly feels like to be a kid.

Each year, Hari Mari is fortunate enough to visit one camp session to gift campers with their own pair of flops. They bring the smiles and determined attitudes, we provide the footwear they can use to make the most of their outdoor adventures!

To learn more about Camp Sanguinity, visit their website here.

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