#EverydayExploring Social Distancing

#EverydayExploring Social Distancing

Have your weekend plans changed? Ours, too.

Social distancing doesn't have to be "un-fun." Here are 10 #EverydayExploring activities to try this weekend, staying at or real close to home. 
*HINT Binging Netflix did NOT make this list.  


Spring clean that closet. You've got time … so why not try on EVERYTHING! Go hunt for that 90's jacket you thought would never be 'back" and realize you were wrong. 
Psst...if your sandals really are out of style, we've got plenty that all ship for free! While our Meadows Asana and Piers Crew won't make you immune to COVID-19, they’re made of anti-microbial foam to keep your feet fresh all Spring.  

Ever camped in your own backyard? Well, seems like the perfect time to explore every corner of that fancy fence line that only gets love when the dog digs or the lawnmower lingers. Oh, it's raining? When was the last time you make a pillow fort? 

The board game, we mean. Hungry Hippos, Barrel of Monkeys, Mouse Trap, Uno, Operation, Clue, Battleship, Monopoly... dust 'em off and rediscover the fun of a little friendly competition. Pro-tip: playing multiple rounds of one game? Let the winner add an additional rule each round (one that doesn’t afford them an extra advantage, of course!) 

 Assuming you’re over 21 and have already stock piled on adult beverages like the rest of America, go ahead and challenge your roommates or spouse to see who can concoct the best cocktail using ingredients found on your barcart and in your fridge. Not big on adult beverages? Dinner meal competitions are just as fun.  

No, we’re not recommending dusting off your old hobby of jog-rolling around your living room in shoes outfitted with wheels, but we are recommending a nice bike ride around the neighborhood. Bike, scooter, skateboard, longboard, hoverboard … pick your poison and stretch those legs!  

It's all the rage right now and can be fun, right? Depending on your personality … but what IF you cleaned things you've never cleaned before? Say the baseboards … the ceiling fans … your cell phone ... |

With or without the red checkered blanket, enjoy the company of your family, a freshly made lunch, and your beggin' doggos inside or out, just not at the table. 

Like actually … escape your own home’s confines with a real book. Put the screens down (kindles included) and immerse yourself in the crisp pages of that book you bought years ago to read "someday." 

Find the latest Corona Virus Spotify playlist, we recommend "COVID-19 Quarantine Party" and FaceTime your bestie to show off your dance skills.  
"Don't you know that you're toxic?" Is now stuck in our heads … Britney’s back, people. 


 This weirdness will pass and we will be back to planning awesome trips and making big plans. Pull all those magazines out of the recycle bin & make your dream board by clipping out every destination that catches your eye. Now tack them up in the order you’d like to see them in and start saving up! Visualize your goals. Stay positive, you can get there!  

While this is very "un-fun" we can't ignore the fact that this may be the most opportune time to knock out those taxes due in about a month...

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