Hari Mari Ambassador: Daniel Norris

Hari Mari Ambassador: Daniel Norris

Daniel Norris embodies the Hari Mari #everydayexploring mantra. Norris is a MLB starting pitcher. During off-season, he's been known to live in his Volkswagen van while surfing the coast of California. A beach-lover who excels at America's pastime? Nothing is more Hari Mari than that.

HARI / Indonesian for 'of the sun'
MARI / Latin for 'of the sea' 

For the HARI side of his life, Daniel's a pro baseball pitcher. As of this year, Norris plays for the Milwaukee Brewers. He previously pitched in MLB for the Toronto Blue Jays and Detroit Tigers. Fun fact, Daniel is one of few players in MLB history to hit a home run on their first career at bat. He came out swingin'. 

As for Daniel's MARI side, he has been know to live in his Volkswagen van, known as shaggynorris on Instagram, to travel the California coast in search of the Pacific's best swells to surf. Norris did not grow up near the ocean, he grew up in Johnson City, TN where his family has owned a bicycle shop for more than 80 years. Drawn to the outdoors, he picked up surfing when he was old enough to travel solo. Surfing is more than just fun for Norris; it helps him stay in shape and gets his mind in a calm headspace. He's surfed notorious waves along the Atlantic, California, Japan, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and more.

Hari Mari is honored to have such an adventurous fan of the brand like Daniel Norris. He has sported our products for years and we will be forever grateful. We couldn't find a better fit of an individual who lives Hari Mari's #everydayexploring in all that he does.

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