Hari Mari X Nokona Flip Flops

Hari Mari X Nokona Flip Flops


This Summer is so different than most. Enjoying the smell of popcorn and peanuts at the ballpark seems like a distant memory. We will enjoy America’s Pastime again soon, but until then... have a way to keep baseball close to home!

Since 1934, Nokona Leather Goods has produced premium baseball gloves using the world’s highest quality leather in Nocona, Texas,...only 100 Miles from our hometown, Dallas! Nokona ball gloves are many baseball players go-to glove and are usually passed from generation to generation. Major league baseball players from past to present have sported these American-made leather gloves. Our Hari Mari X Nokona flip flops have taken that same smooth, classic leather and combined it with the classic Hari Mari construction and comfort, including the MemoryFoamToe Post. They are nostalgic for any dad, brother, husband, or friend who has a passion for baseball...and Hari Mari flops.


Feel like you're throwing on your favorite baseball glove and playing catch on a beautiful summer day by slipping on these flops that feel just like a perfectly worn-in glove.  Even Atlanta Braves Pitcher and 4x All-Star, Cole Hamels, swears by them!


Check out a pair of Hari Mari X Nokona Generation Flops until "Take Me Out to The Ballgame" becomes a reality again!

The Hari Mari x Nokona Collaboration flip flops are made with premium Nokona ball glove leather and have 3mm memory foam-lined straps. You'll experience no break-in periods and ultimate comfort with our exclusive MemoryFoamToe™ Post and 12mm firm arch support and heel cupping. 


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