Splash into Summer // Water-Friendly Flops

Splash into Summer // Water-Friendly Flops

Summer is finally here!

After all the quarantining, working from home, and social distancing, we are all yearning for those carefree sunny days that we remember from summers past. Most beaches, lakes, and pools are opening back up in some capacity and you are probably finding yourself in need of flops that are ideal for aqua-adventures! While your Hari Mari flip flops are perfect for #EverydayExploring, there are certain styles designed specifically for water activities!

The Dunes are available for men, women, and kids! If you spend your summers on a boat or in the pool this style is meant for you. The siping in the footbeds channel the water out of the flip flop to keep your feet dry and squeak-free! Experience comfort all day with our MemoryFoamToe Post and Memory foam lined straps. Lost a flop overboard? No worries they float! Not to mention, the soles of these shoes are non-marking, meaning they won’t cause any damage to your boat.


Specifically for the guys, the Brazos & Brazos LX are a staple to any Summer closet. The Brazos LX are made with aqua-friendly, soft-squeeze foam and water-resistant full-grain leather straps with memory foam lining and also float! The footbed siping channels away water & grips feet and they're boat safe!

Similar to the Dunes, the Meadows Asana for women and Piers Crew for men are completely water-friendly made from EVA foam and vegan leather straps. The “Rise Up” molded outsole reduces slipping on wet and slick surfaces. Of course, these have our MemoryFoamToe Post and Memory foam lined straps! Pick a vibrant color flop  perfect to match your suit or trunks! 


Two styles that may not appear to be water-friendly at first, Men’s Pier and Women’s Meadows. Both styles are made with water-resistant Nubuck leather, which perfectly combine style, comfort, and summer activities! While we don’t recommend soaking these bad boys in the ocean, the leather can handle a normal amount of water exposure without compromising. The meadows have a slightly slimmer silhouette for a feminine touch and neither would be a Hari Mari flop without the MemoryFoamToe Post!

Splash into summer with the trendiest and comfiest flops out there that will make you feel like you deserve to dive right in.

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