How to Enjoy Opening Day Away From the Ball Park

How to Enjoy Opening Day Away From the Ball Park

It's Opening Day! Here at Hari Mari, we're excited to enjoy the warm weather, grab our gloves, and head to the stadium. However, just like most of you, we don't have tickets and we have flip flops to send out! So we came up with a few ways to enjoy Opening Day from the comfort of your office. These methods can also be used throughout the season, but we are not responsible for any adverse reactions from co-workers or bosses. 


1. There shouldn't be a question of what to wear today. Your team's jersey or at least their colors are key to silently rooting them on from your cubicle. An added bonus would be the matching Hari Mari x Nokona flip flops to round out the look!

2. Swap out your coffee for a Fountain Drink. Some of you may think we're crazy, and some of you may already do this, but we recommend swinging through your local fast food restaurant to get an ice cold fountain drink! 


1. Grab a hot dog and sit in the most uncomfortable seats you can find. Bonus if you have bleachers nearby! Stadium mustard is a must, so don't forget to bring that along in your lunchbox, along with any other condiment toppings for your footlong!

2. When the 3 o'clock slump rolls around, stand up for a 7th inning stretch. We also recommend gathering a few co-workers for a round of 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game." More bonus points if you can get a wave going!


1. Pour a cold one. Everyone knows a $12 cold beer at a game is the best! At this point you may be in front of the TV, but it's better because the beer is free and your dog is nearby. Plus, no traffic to fight at the end of the game since you're already home!

2. You know that souvenir hat/cup that your kid got at a game last year (you know you have one)? Yes, the one sitting unused in the back of your cabinet. Grab it and fill it with ice cream! Even if you break it out for just this occasion, you deserve it! 

We'll be celebrating Opening Day in our Nokona flip flops, and cheering on our teams from the hidden window on our computers. We hope you take these tips and use them wisely to celebrate opening day your way! 


Photo by Jason Weingardt on Unsplash

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