Puppy Pawlicy

Puppy Pawlicy

Your dog is many things. A good boy, your best friend, a ball chaser, a bed hogger,  a squirrel aggravator...and a shoe eater. 

Any dog parent knows the sinking feeling of walking down stairs only to see your sweet, innocent, lovable fur baby chomping down on your favorite pair of shoes. You're instantly flushed with ager, but then the head turn...how can you be mad at that face?!

Hari Mari dog parents, we've got you covered! If your pup, young or old, decides to turn your flip flops in to his newest toy like this poor pair of Dunes



We will give you $10 off your new pair. Just shoot us an email at service@harimari.com and show us a pic of your doggo's art work!

*Only orders from www.harimari.com and within a year can qualify for the Puppy Pawlicy

Does your dog go #EverydayExploring with you? Be sure to tag us on social, @harimari ... We love dog pics! Here are some good boys and girls in the Hari Mari crew.





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