The Flop Crew // Trisha

The Flop Crew // Trisha

California closed beaches & our San Diego design team is still WFH!

Let's meet Trisha!
Merchandising & Design 


What do you like most about your role at Hari Mari? 

The freedom we are given to explore new products and the colorful side of Hari Mari. It really sets us apart in the marketplace. We have been able to evolve the product offering and expand our reach to new customers while keeping our loyalists happy with fresh new colors.

What is your favorite thing about Hari Mari as a company/brand?
I love the entrepreneurial spirit of the brand. I love the camaraderie between the team at Hari Mari, and how each person commits to helping each other internally & externally with customers. Also, the community support as a Texas based brand.

What does #EverydayExploring mean to you?
Anything outside…I split my time between the Ocean (San Diego) and the Mountains (Park City) Cycling, hiking, snowboarding, walking on the beach or trails, running, swimming…pretty much anything that involves cardio and sunshine/snow. Keeping up with my adventure family!

Favorite Hari Mari footwear or gear style & why? 
That’s a loaded question for a woman because we have the opportunity to change our footwear about 5-7 times a day (coming from a shoe veteran of course).

For the beach & water- DUNES for sure. Its grippy and doesn’t slip when you get wet.

For lifestyle – Fields. You can wear these for miles of comfort, and has some color pop for sass.

For Fashion- Meadows & Mari for sure! Simple, fashionable,  comfortable and versatile.

For lounging at home, my Hari Mari sweatshirt is a go-to staple. Soft and cozy, and gets better with time.

What are your hobbies outside of work?
Adventure and travel….I wish I could say that I have a craft or a bookworm, but honestly I belong outside, always.

If your TV or laptop was broken and you could only play one movie on repeat until Shelter In Place ends, what would it be?
I’m not a good sit-still person in front of the TV to begin with. I would say that Bridesmaids is a movie that I could watch on repeat ( it’s a household favorite) It makes me laugh, hard no matter how many times I watch it. We did watch Hangover last weekend, which was just as funny for the 10th time.

Go-to Quarantine & Chill snack to go with that movie?
Pretzels, shelled pistachios, and red licorice. Oh, and at Easter time, Cadbury chocolate mini eggs…they kill me softly.

If you were entering a stadium full of people awaiting your arrival, and you could only choose one song to serve as your ‘walk-in music’, what would it be?
Follow you follow me by Genesis. ( SO 80’s)

Has the #QuarantineLife ignited any new past times other than puzzles or staring out windows?
I have been better about taking time to stretch and in the AM when I wake up, instead of running out the door for cardio.

If you weren’t #SocialDistancing at the moment and if COVID-19 was no longer present, and you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go & why?
I would hop a plane and head to the best snow conditions I could find to close out the season that was cut short. We have been talking about going back to Switzerland where we lived awhile ago. My boys want to explore Japan ( JaPOW) and Canada too. 

After that trip, and snow was checked off the list for the season, we would go to the islands somewhere in the world to de-thaw and prep for SUMMAH.




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