Getting Local // Tulum

Getting Local // Tulum

Pack Your Bags

After realizing our suitcases had collected their fareshare of dust, we decided it was time to head out on more than just a neighborhood walk. We packed our bags with warm-weather essentials and headed just a couple hundred miles south, to our friends in Tulum, Mexico.   

No, we didn’t look to Instagram to guide our trip, but rather the locals who’ve enjoyed this lush, restorative oasis for decades. Tucked within the Yucatan Peninsula, we roamed the tropical jungle terrain and historic beaches. When we weren’t snorkeling through a glassy cenote or outrunning a warm rain shower, biking to a street-side market or grounding ourselves with an invigorating yoga flow, we were conjuring ways to cancel our flights home.  


Sip that tangy margarita and slip into your favorite sandals while our local Tulum friends take you through an authentic visit of their beloved city.


Tulum Hari Mari
Produce Market

For some beachcombing fuel or a midday pick-me-up, stop into a local produce market along the bustling streets of Tulum. You can’t go wrong with any of the fresh picks, though we consistently reached for the ripe avocados, apples, and oranges (Or should we say, palta, manzana, y plátano)!


Tulum Hari Mari

A trip to Mexico cannot be complete without eating some authentic street tacos! Our favorite was Taqueria Honorio, found in the downtown Tulum district. Pro tip – they close everyday at 3 pm (or when they run out of meat!), so make sure to get your order in for an earlier lunch, before they close for the day! 


Hari Mari

The best way to explore bustling Tulum ... peddling down the jungle-lined streets! Taxi traffic can be a bit overwhelming, so bikes are definitely the way to go. Rentals can typically be arranged through your hotel, or at one of the many rental-shops around town. You won’t need to walk far to find some wheels. The rate is about 150 pesos per day, or less if you rent it for your entire stay!


Tulum Hari Mari
Private Cenote

Tulum is certainly known for these stunning caverns filled with crystal-clear water and colorful wildlife, but most are overwhelmed with hoards of tourists. These collapsed limestone havens are far more enjoyable when visited in small groups, so we recommend paying up for a private tour! We met up with Dimas, a cenote guide by day, bartender-extraordinaire by night, who took us to “Cenote Minotauro.” We enjoyed every second of our private adventure, even with the quick downpour we encountered! 


Art Sculptures & Installations

One of the most unique aspects of Tulum is the extravagant art tucked in the trees. Unique sculptures of driftwood, scrap metal, recycled trash and hand-woven cloth turn this jungle oasis into an adult playground. If you’d like your reality flipped on its head, look no further than the famed hotel Azulik. Their winding and wandering paths are truly otherworldly and instantly transport you into a luxurious state of utter relaxation.  


Tulum Hari Mari
Yoga and Healing

Not only is Tulum a picturesque vacation spot, but it calls forth soul-searchers and yogis alike. The whole city lures the senses and soothes the soul with events and experiences geared around healing, spirituality and gratitude. The hotel staff greeted our team with a traditional singing bowl and burning incense, to help cleanse our minds and ground our souls. While our team’s abilities maxed out with ‘happy baby’ pose, we certainly took advantage of the open air studios, like true locals.


Tulum Hari Mari
Fishing / Punta Alen

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you know this side of the Yucatan peninsula as home to world-class fishing spots. Our cenote guide, Dimas, swears by and frequents Punta Alen. This local-favorite is about a 2 hour drive from Tulum, rarely visited by tourists, and a must-visit for an authentic Tulum experience! However, if you are looking to stay close to Tulum, there are many companies that offer day charters to Punta Piedra and other, more trafficked spots try your luck at a catch.


Tulum Hari Mari
Evening Music / Bars

A day in Tulum is not complete without a flavorful dinner, topped off with tequila (lots of tequila), and dancing the night away. To start the evening, head to Posada Margherita for dinner. If you are all taco’d out, you can’t go wrong with any of their authentic italian cuisine (they haven’t changed their menu in 20 years!) and amazing wine selection. You certainly won’t hear us complaining about the ocean-front view, either! After dinner, head to Bar Batey where you can sip on a fresh cane mojito and move to live music. Or, if you still can’t get enough tequila, pop into Gitano Tulum for a mezcal tasting and a rich history lesson about the area’s crown jewel: mezcal.


Signature Cocktail: Tulum Sunrise

  • 2.5 oz Tequila Reposado
  • 3 oz fresh squeezed orange juice
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • Top with Topo Chico
  • Garnish with Slice of Orange


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