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Hari Mari’s clean aesthetics, design-forward approach and “ahhh”-inducing feel are driven by a commitment to simplicity, color & comfort, making THE flip flop for flip flop enthusiasts…and helping a lot of brave kids along the way.


Hari Mari's roots were born out of a futile search for
colorful & comfortable flip flops in a sea of black
and brown, and mostly uncomfortable, options.

My wife Lila & I had just moved back to the U.S. from Indonesia, where we had lived for a few years, and noticed the flops available in stores when we came home, were the same as when we left...nothing had changed!


So, after years of continuously disappointing our feet, we did what any normal couple with an unhealthy obsession for flip flops would do, we decided to build our own!

We began experimenting with practical color combinations and the best materials we could find, combining them with classic designs and a fanatical commitment to comfort...and two years later, we launched our flip flop & called it 'Hari Mari'.


Wanting to do more than just create a great flip flop and stunned to learn that pediatric cancer is the most fatal disease among American children – more fatal than almost all other childhood diseases combined – Hari Mari set out to help.

Sticking to those core tenets, we've grown a brand & broad-ranging line of flip flops around them. And, not satisfied with just making great flops, we also set out to help kids in-need by supporting kids & families battling cancer. We call it Flops Fighting Cancer.


Patented Memory Foam Toe™

Each Hari Mari flip flop is built with our super comfortable & seamless Memory Foam Toe™, a formidable cylinder of memory foam encased in soft nylon to help grip toes, reduce abrasion & do away with painful break-in periods.

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Premium Materials

Using premium textiles & materials, coupled with time-tested construction methods, Hari Mari’s stand up to wear and age well over time. Each pair is backed by our guarantee, protecting against defect to ensure you get a great flip flop.

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Unparalleled Comfort

Made with soft-squeeze mid-soles, firm arch supports and siped insoles to channel away moisture and improve foot grip, Hari Mari flops keep your feet in constant comfort no matter where your adventures take you.

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Classic Color

Say goodbye to bland. Made with an array of colorful straps, foot beds & our signature mid-sole stripes, Hari Mari flip flops set themselves apart from the bland sea of black & brown footwear, while also capturing a classic look & feel.

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Boat Safe

Hari Maris are made with carbon-free, 100% rubber outsoles, so they’re non- marking, boat-safe, and help gripping in wet surfaces. Added toe spring & beveled outsole edges reduce tripping and improve performance across a variety of terrains.

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Our Flops Are Made Responsibly Find out how

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