The Life Aquatic with Nick Ventresca

Putting the Stash Back in SUP Surf

If you thought perfectly coiffed facial hair and stand up paddleboard surfing were mutually exclusive sports, think again. Twenty-six year-old Nick Ventresca carves left to right breaks in both, with a zeal & passion that few could ever possibly match.

A third-generation Floridian, Nick is a self-described ocean addict, never wandering too far away from the water as he hones his SUP surf skills in the nearby familiarities of the Atlantic, "I love the ocean and everything to do with it. Anything that can maximize my time and experience with her is OK in my book."

Even when he's not in the water practicing and honing his SUP surf craft (which is rare), Nick's giving pointers to customers & renting out SUP and surf boards at Blueline Surf & Paddle Co. in Jupiter (a Hari Mari favorite).

This summer, Nick's in competition mode, starting with the Florida circuit of the US SUP Tour, his next stop in making his way to the pros and the world tour. "It's my life dream..becoming a pro SUP surfer, but that starts with this summer. It's the proving grounds."

Hari Mari is proud to tag along & support Nick in his hunt for the pro SUP surf circuit, a goal he'll undoubtedly achieve based on skill alone, but we do know the ace up his rash guard sleeve must be the balancing powers offered by one of the greatest mustaches ever sported, on land or sea...

Good luck, Nick.

Photos x Greg Panas //
Nick's coming competition schedule:
July 19-20 - Zumba Beach
September 13-14 - Huntington Beach

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