South by South

Even self-professed flip flop addicts have to sometimes check themselves (and their open-toed footwear) in the face of head-high cactus, dense barbed brush and fire hose-sized rattle snakes. So, that's why Hari Mari smartly stepped out of our flops and into something a little more protective for a recent excursion to South Texas.  Check that, make it South-South Texas.

Located some 100-miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border, the sprawling King Ranch stands as one of the world's largest, covering some 800,000 acres of often contradicting environments. Open pastures abruptly cut by dense mesquite thickets. Bitterly cold mornings, followed by hundred degree get the picture. Tough & unforgiving, but easily some of the most incredible & jaw-dropping land one could walk.

Hari Mari was fortunate enough to do just that, during a time-honored tradition in South Texas...the dove hunt.

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