Tex in the City


To many, the seemingly-rural & outdated concept of an annual state fair probably doesn't jive with the idea of a modern, metropolitan city. It might even elicit a mocking laugh or two when you read a sample lineup of today's slated events: pig races, candy contest, an appearance by Mike the Pumpkin Carver, and of course, the Youth Beefmaster Beef Heifer Show.

That's right. Not a lot has changed since the Texas State Fair opened 128 years ago in its permanent 80-acre spot adjacent to downtown Dallas. It's a three-week celebration that opens its gates to the city every October, marking the beginning of fall, the quasi-start of school, another season of college football and an unbridled rollick through a litany of fried foods, pop-up carousel rides, over-sized stuffed animals tied to impossible games of chance, and beer.

If you're a kid, or just wish you were one for at least one day (or three weeks) of the year, be glad that some things don't change...especially the fried bacon cinnamon roll – voted best food item in 2013, the fried gumbo ball – voted best in 2014, and Fletcher's Famous Corny Dogs – the perennial favorite of every fair-goer.

And, to top it all off, in case your fried food & beer binge force your eyes to cross and cause you to lose your way in the crowded Midway, the fair's 55-foot scarecrow, Big Tex, will flag you down & serve as a clear beacon of animatronic light as he winks & waves you into the fair's center for a short breather...and then gently urges you to suck it up and get back out there.

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