Stashed Away in the OC

Getting past the barbed wire, the looming wrought-iron fence, several prickly (and strategically-placed) cacti and three chiseled Pitt Bulls is just the beginning of one's entry into the world of Gary Buckner.

Buckner is the owner & creator of STASH DESIGN, a bustling Oak Cliff (West Dallas) millworks operation where you're likely to find yourself momentarily awe-struck by, and then quickly dodging, an onslaught of wood chips, sawdust and glowing metallic sparks cutting through the air in his cavernous warehouse.

In what could only be described as a tool guy's dream compound, STASH DESIGN is Buckner's successful design & fabrication tank, where art, commerce, wood & metal collide under his watchful eye. The result, a smattering of tailored, one-off installations that businesses near & far clamor to have.

A 30-foot-tall concert stage made entirely from reclaimed wood pallets? Check. A copper-enveloped vintage trailer - turned mobile photo booth? Check. A cargo container made into a moveable home? And up to code, no less? Double check.

You dream it up. Gary puts it down, and by "down," we mean he makes it, blending simplicity & style with sustainability. Hari Mari takes a peek inside Gary's castle, better known as STASH DESIGN.

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