Everyday Explorer // Clay Hayner

Everyday Explorer // Clay Hayner

Meet Clay, the travel photographer who rescues dogs.

Hari Mari flip flops have touched virtually every corner of the world thanks to adventure addicts like Clay. One pair - of the many he owns - has been to 43 states and 13 countries so far. The travel bug bit him on his first job assisting a travel photographer decades ago and he knew that was what he wanted to do in life. He doesn’t only bring his flip flops and camera with him on his travels, he is known to bring along a canine companion. 

Clay Hayner Hari Mari

Clay wearing Pier in Java at the Teatro Antico di Taormina in Sicily

20 years ago, between travels, Clay found some puppies in a dumpster and something unlocked in his heart. He adopted them and started a lifelong mission with the rescue world. He began fostering, volunteering and helping wherever he could. Neighbors caught word and would dump dogs into his backyard because they knew he’d rescue them. Some of his dogs were fit and eager to travel alongside Clay. His most recent soulmate, Tuco, hiked over 500 miles with Clay all over Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Ohio. During Tuco’s downtime. He was a supermodel…no joke, check him out on the news. He lost Tuco recently and the hole in Clay’s heart will never fully recover. Between trips, Clay spends as much time as he can volunteering at The Love Pit. Tuco will be forever honored on Clay’s hikes all over the world.

Clay & Tuco are wearing the following: Pier in Java, CanyonTrek II in Java, Birdie hat in Navy, Dunes in Tangerine

On a trip with some human buddies, Clay rented out an AirBnB in Thailand. The spot was endearingly dodgy. While they were out taking photos of and exploring temples, a pipe burst. They came home to a full blown flood with all of their luggage and equipment ruined…aside from their Hari Maris which passed the float test. The beds, rugs, clothes were all submerged and the top of the flood was speckled with colorful Hari Mari Dunes floating which made it out perfectly unscathed. 

Clay's Wearing Dos Santos Runners

What’s next on Clay’s agenda? He plans to travel at least once per month and the next spots will be San Diego, Chicago and Finland to watch the Northern Lights in a glass igloo. He’s bringing his CanyonTrek II’s with! 


Clay's wearing Slate Piers and PowderFleece Crew in Heather Gray

The team at Hari Mari appreciates Clay’s thirst for #everydayexploring and his desire to rescue animals. Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Hari Mari Everyday Explorer? Apply here!

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