Everyday Explorer // Jasmine Alley

Everyday Explorer // Jasmine Alley

We sat down with one of our favorite travel enthusiasts, Jasmine Alley, who attributes the beauty of our planet to God. She's a nature-obsessed, beauty-finding, Jesus-loving dreamer with a serious case of wanderlust. She quit her 9-5 to become a travel blogger and her goal is to show others how they can too. Check out her responses to our questions below and shop her looks!

HM: Being a travel blogger sounds like an epic career, but what drove you to actually quit corporate America and take the leap?

JA: I hope to inspire the wanderlust in everyone, showing you how you can both find adventure locally and explore the world internationally, even with a full time job!

I used to work a 9-5 job just like the majority of you out there. But I did everything in my power to not let that affect my desire to travel. In fact, it fueled it! You can bet that I used every single vacation day I had!

So don’t be discouraged by job limitations. You can see still the world!

I also try to write about what it’s like being a full-time travel blogger in case this is a path you want to pursue!

HM: As a travel enthusiast, where do you feel is a must see? Tell us about it. Also, where is over-hyped?

JA: From my travels, the places I think are absolutely must-see places are Alaska, Hawaii, Iceland, and Yellowstone National Park.

Over-hyped places: that's a hard one! I don't think I've been anywhere that has felt over-hyped! That being said, we've been avoiding the "super popular Instagram spots" like Bali and Mykonos, but I'd still love to see them someday!

HM: How do you encourage yourself to go exploring everyday? What are some examples of "everyday exploring" to you? Whether you're on vacay or in Dallas :)

JA: As a photographer, I've learned to appreciate the beauty in everyday moments. Whether we're out exploring somewhere new or are at home in Dallas, I think photography has given me a new perspective on what it means to explore- whether we're traveling or not! We're always looking for beautiful places wherever we go, which encourages us to have that "everyday exploring" mentality!

HM: What's an ideal outfit with your slides? slippers? Where will these outfits take you?

JA: My Sydney Slides go with everything and I wore them basically every day last summer! They're absolutely a staple when it's warm out! I've traveled to Montana, Wyoming, Hawaii, North Carolina, South Carolina, Saint Lucia, and of course, Texas, in my slides. My favorite thing to pair them with is dresses!

Slippers take on a different vibe- they're my cozy winter go-to. I most often wear them with leggings, PowderFleece and more casual outfits.

HM: What are bucket list spots you want to travel to?

JA: I'd love to go on safari in the Serengeti, do a Europe road trip, visit Greenland, and explore New Zealand. And though we have seen the northern lights in Alaska, I really would love to experience them in Lapland someday!


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