What is #EverydayExploring?

What is #EverydayExploring?

Together we can explore beyond the boundaries of daily routines.

Whether we are exploring new ways to organize our computer's desktop at our nine to fives, the newest craze restaurants in our hometown, making friends from cities in a neighboring state, or adventures in a far away place, each day brings an opportunity to explore something new. We can either chose let the day to day pass us by, or we can be intentionally curious about the people, places, and things around us. 

Hari Mari chooses the latter.

We believe in:

Being authentic in speech, attitude, & activity

Pushing the boundaries of comfort, curiosity & status quo

Seeking adventure wherever you are

Cultivating community that celebrates individuality

Share generously with others

Hustling Hard to enjoy more R+R

Exploring the world with curiosity & vigor

#EverydayExploring embodies our core values and allows us to connect with you on your Everyday Explorations.

Join our tribe by finding and showing off new ways to explore. It may be something you do everyday or something you'll never get to do again. There’s always more to see, feel, & discover and we want to join you through the #EverydayExploring lens. Whether it's your backyard, a new musical genre, a foreign country, or your own hometown, Hari Mari supports you on your daily adventure. Show how you go #EverydayExploring.

From the mundane to the mind-blowing ...we’re #EverydayExploring with you.

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