The Women's Premium Collection is Here!

The Women's Premium Collection is Here!

The women of Hari Mari agree, comfort and style are hardly synonymous…until now.

Introducing our premium sandal collection that not only adds flair to any outfit, but keeps your feet happy all day and night. Whether you’re at a brunch, shopping on the town, or a ladies night out The Maris, Sydneys, and Sydney Wovens will elevate every outfit with ease. Ladies, no longer do you have to sacrifice comfort for style. It’s time to have a sandal as unique as you, designed specifically for your #EverydayExploring. New silhouettes, materials, and construction finally set Hari Mari women’s styles apart from men’s.


A Softer Everyday Essential
These staple beauties feature a new, slender profile for simple styling, a plush memory foam-filled footbed, a leather-wrapped toe post filled with memory foam to eliminate break-ins, a non-marking and slip-proof rubber outsole, and ultra-soft leather that feels as amazing as it looks. Hold your footwear to the same standard that you hold yourself! Let us take the pressure off as you go #EverydayExploring


A Chic Leather Classic
As Hari Mari’s first sandal to ditch the toe post all-together, this classic slide has a gentle toe grip to keep your foot centered, a buttery soft leather-wrapped footbed, colorful premium leather straps with elastic stretch for the perfect fit, an elevated heel for lift and style, a genuine leather outsole, and a memory foam cushion underfoot, allowing for extended wear. Thank your feet for getting you there with a snug hug of comfort. Day or night, take Sydney with you as you go #EverydayExploring



A Textile Twist on a Timeless Slide
Ladies, how many times have you willingly worn your favorite pair of shoes out on the town, knowing that halfway through the night you’ll either be barefoot or wishing you were?! This variation of the Sydney Sandal includes the same snug hug of memory foam and comfortable class of the Sydney, but boasts a printed, organic hemp strap, complete with elastic stretch for a perfect fit. The Sydney Woven adds flair and finesse to #EverydayExploring. Finally, a pair of shoes you won’t have to hold on your way home.

Go ahead, give them each a spin. Your closet and your feet will thank you.

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