Flops Fighting Cancer // The Bumblebee Foundation

Flops Fighting Cancer // The Bumblebee Foundation

After a rare liver cancer (hepatoblastoma) took their four-year-old son from , Jarren, Heather and Jason Donatini established the Bumblebee Foundation to assist other families fighting the same battle with pediatric cancer.

During his eighteen-month battle, the Donatini family was directly impacted by the costs and emotional stress of caring for a pediatric cancer patient. So, when Heather created the foundation, she knew she needed to raise money towards alleviating families’ financial struggles.

From paying off rent, to cleaning homes or providing home-cooked meals, The Bumblebee Foundation does it all. “We want to help everyone we can. There’s no reason why anyone should have to fight this battle alone,” said Heather Donatini.

The Bumblebee Foundation is constantly growing, with hundreds of new families reaching out for assistance each month. Heather hopes to create more “beehives” across the country, so her worker bees can continue stimulating hope within the hearts of families.

There’s always someone who could benefit from a little help. ‘Bee’ the help someone needs today.
To donate or learn more about the Bumblebee Foundation, visit their website here.

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