Flops Fighting Cancer Day!

Flops Fighting Cancer Day!

September is National Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month and Hari Mari's getting the word out there!

Pediatric cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in the United States, with over 15,000 kids being diagnosed this year alone. Thankfully, 80% of children will conquer their diagnosis, but we all know that anything less than 100% isn't good enough. That's why we enjoy taking our Flops Fighting Cancer initiative on the road with our Flop Drops!

Flop Drop ~ Noun: When the Hari Mari crew loads up their cars and heads out to Cook Children’s Medical Center with a mountain of flops to hand out to the brave kiddos in treatment!

Each year since Hari Mari was born in 2012, our team has visited our partner hospitals to bring a glimpse of normalcy back into the lives of these courageous, determined kids.

Whether it’s playing games, trying on flip flops or hanging out with Cook Children’s 'Sit, Stay, Play' pups, our Flop Drops serve as a great time for patients and families to get out of their rooms and bring some color & joy back into their daily lives!

We bring the flip flops, the kids bring the smiles and it quickly becomes one of the most memorable days for all involved!

If you're looking to make your mark with our Flops Fighting Cancer initiative, look no further! Join us this Friday as we donate 100% of the profits from all sales to our Flops Fighting Cancer initiative. Together we can make a huge difference in these kids' lives!

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