Flops Fighting Cancer // Sophie Ryan

Flops Fighting Cancer // Sophie Ryan

Thanks to our friends over at the Bumblebee Foundation, we were introduced to Sophie Ryan and her battle with cancer.

Looking at 8-month-old Sophie smiling and shining, you would never assume that there was anything wrong. But, the shaking of her left eye left her parents with questions and a trip to the hospital. After an MRI scan, Sophie was diagnosed with an inoperable low-grade Optic Pathway Glioma brain tumor and tasked with facing the beast of pediatric cancer head on.

Doctors told the Ryan’s that chemo treatment would only stop the growth of her tumor, not cure their daughter. Sophie’s tumor has an 85%+ recurrence rate, so chemotherapy treatments alone wouldn’t do the trick.

In 2013, Sophie’s mom, Tracy, was introduced to Abby Epstein and Ricki Lake, who were filming a documentary on the use of cannabis to kill cancer cells in pediatric patients, which sparked Sophie’s journey with the alternative treatment.   

So, let’s talk about cannabis oil.
The National Cancer Institute says the chemical compounds in cannabis activate certain receptors in the body to create pharmacologic effects in the central nervous and immune systems, decreasing pain in patients. Cannabis oil is now an approved drug for the treatment of cancer-related side effects, as it can distinguish between healthy and cancer cells, killing off the cancer cells.

Five years after her diagnosis and initial use of cannabis oil, Sophie continues to battle her tumor alongside various treatments and an unstoppable spirit. Her extraordinary personality and determination has helped her spark hope in the minds of many children and families battling pediatric cancer.

‘Weed the People,’ the documentary of Sophie’s walk with cancer and cannabis oil is set to premiere in 2019. 

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