Men's Grande | Tan

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  • Made with a wider footprint & larger-volumed straps to accommodate bigger feet
  • Crafted for feet up to EE in width
  • Thicker, soft-squeeze midsoles to stand up to extra wear
  • MemoryFoamToe™ Post eliminates break-in period for instant comfort

  • Firm arch support keeps feet in proper position for all-day wear

  • Buttery-soft Nubuck leather footbed and memory foam lined straps for ultimate ease of wear

Introducing the Grande, it sounds bigger because it is bigger. Made for our larger-footed friends, the Grande combines all of the comfort details & components you've come to expect from Hari Mari into a larger flip flop format.

Fitting up to EE width in size, the plush Nubuck leather footbeds and extra midsole height make the Grande an ideal under foot companion for the well-endowed foot.

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All Hari Mari products are carefully crafted from premium materials. Although our footwear is built to last, it is NOT dish-washer, washing-machine, or microwave-safe.
Be nice to your footwear & it’ll be nice to you. We promise!

  • Do: spot clean with a damp rag and allow to dry indoors, away from direct sunlight

  • Don't: use harsh chemicals, get untreated weather wet, let Fido snack on your favorite pair